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When healthy people say “you can’t let your illness be the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing right now, you should have studied harder in school” or “you should have fought through the pain”. When all I said was “if it wasn’t for my illness I could have gotten into dance or medical at university, but I’m happy with my achievements right now.”

1. Never tell someone who couldn’t physically attend school or let alone get out of bed to “study harder”. They are doing so good already not crying from the pain etc.

2. I got chronically ill in high school and struggled to attend school. I couldn’t even write my own name on a piece of paper let alone sit in a classroom or at a desk.

3. Don’t tell someone who has chronic pain that they should have fought through the pain unless you have been through it yourself. Cos I’m telling you now, they do that every single day and minute!

All these things make me so angry and upset when healthy people say those things as if we have a common cold. Yes, if I wasn’t chronically ill then I might have gotten into dancing or medicine but right now I am happy. You can’t blame me for thinking and talking about what else I could have done especially when you work so hard for something and it’s all taken away from you in a blink of an eye.

Sorry about the rant.

Blisters on my feet, painful ankles, painful knees, painful ribs, annoying back and swollen hands and feet. This is what happens when I shop around for 30 minutes… šŸ˜¢


Korean dancerĀ Yuhui ChoeĀ is a First Soloist of The Royal Ballet. She was a Prix de Lausanne Apprentice with The Royal Ballet in 2002